Ella - Pregnant; Puppies arriving soon...
Ella - Pregnant; Puppies arriving soon...
Puppies have Arrived.....
 Puppies have Arrived.....   

Da Vinci de La Collines health info and details can be viewed on


Grooming Essential Tools (all with metal teeth)....

Confirmation, Pedigree & Health Certificates

Processes in breeding a Barbet - This is why French Pedigree Dogs are Expensive!

1. Get Ella's Eyes, hips and Elbows checked - these checks are not generally carried out at your own Vet's surgery without a  anesthetic, so I  travelled  to West Sussex for hips and elbows (where the process is carried out without anesthetic, by a very competent Radiologist) and nearer to Bristol for eyes.  These were all found to be very good (see below).

2. I then had to find a stud dog.  There are not many Barbets in the UK and finding a suitable mate that Ella is not related to was difficult.  I looked to Europe and found the lovely Da Vinci in Switzerland. He had great health results, had sired a number of litters and was gorgeous.

3. Obtain a Kennel Name from the British Kennel Club, so I am registered as a dog breeder and the French Kennel Club (Société Centrale Canine - SCC) would allow me to register the pups, using this Kennel name.

4.I had to get Ella Confirmed in Ostricout France.  I would not be able to register the puppies and gain pedigrees from the Sociéteé Centrale Canine if she was not confirmed - see below. Unfortunately, I was not initially aware of the need for a Confirmation, so had a wasted 'mating' journey to Switzerland last year, when I found out at the last minute that Ella had to be confirmed and could not be mated then.

5.Make arrangements for the mating and wait for Ella to come on heat (unfortunately this is only every 9 months).

6.  Once Ella came on heat she had to have a number of blood tests to check her progesterone levels and the best day for mating. Unfortunately my vet does not carry out Progesterone testing, so the blood had to be sent to a Lab in Wetherby, the results are received the following day. Waiting game to ensure the time was right based on blood results.

7.Arrange for the long journey to Attelwil Switzerland, where Ella met Da Vinci and fortunately liked him.  They mated and this was confirmed by an Ultrasound once she was 35 days pregnant.

8.  Oh a nother thing I also found out from the Barbet Club UK that Ellas needed an ISAG DNA profile carried out!  This was a buccal probe test and sent off to the lab - quite easy!

9.  Once puppies are born I contacted the SCC to let them know I will be registering the puppies once they have their microchips inserted at 7 weeks old.

10. Start weaning at 3 weeks and carry out worming of pups.


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