Ella - Pregnant; Puppies arriving soon...
Ella - Pregnant; Puppies arriving soon...
Puppies have Arrived.....
 Puppies have Arrived.....   

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Thanks for stopping by. Have a look around and get to know the wonderful Barbet breed and hopefully Ella's puppies, due 1st April 2017.

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...about the Barbet

'Pronounced `bar bay`, with the `et` on the end as in ballet. The barbet is a medium/large dog with a thick shaggy, curly coat over its whole body..[]..  It has a pronounced beard from which its name is derived (`barbe' is the French word for beard). The coat is commonly solid black, solid brown in differing shades or either colour mixed with varying quantities of white.' They can also be cream or grey, but at present these colours are not found

in the UK.


'The Barbet is an active breed which enjoys work and play equally and can be used for a variety of activities where it uses its agility, stamina, sense of smell and intelligence.

 The Barbet becomes very attached/devoted to its owners and makes an excellent companion, and will want to be wherever you are in the house. Being an intelligent dog, the Barbet enjoys being stimulated although this also means it becomes bored if left for long periods on its own. As with any intelligent breed a certain amount of training and discipline is essential but the effort is well rewarded.'

'The Barbet is an even tempered dog and is not aggressive or shy with other people or dogs. It is very good with children and makes an excellent family pet although adolescent dogs can be too boisterous for very small children or toddlers.'


Its non-moulting coat makes it a worthwhile consideration for allergy sufferers. It should be noted however, that dog hair is not the only cause of dog allergies in humans and time should be spent in the company of a Barbet to determine an individual’s degree of reaction. (www.barbet.org.uk)


Some Details... (www.dogster.com)








*Loves Water







Crufts - Kennel Club admit Barbets 1st April 2018 - here's Rafferty (Ella's pup) along with fellow Barbets at Crufts 8th March 2018

(4th from left standing)

April 5th 2017

5th April good night, only up once to check, then Ella woke me at 6.15pm  Feeding well 


April 6th.. Pups had a good night, Ella came & woke me up twice (I get pawed until I wake up) to let her out 1.30&3.30am! Here's lovely purple collar girl above & yellow collar girl below.

7th April

Good nigh last night, though woke up worrying about Ella - bit of an upset stomach - porridge for her at 5am; one happy dog and much better today.

Collar Colours

Girls - Red, Yellow & purple collars

Boys - Turquoise, blue, green

8th April..Good night for first night since puppies born, that I haven'g got up during the night. However, Ella has had an upset stomach for a couple of days now , I've tried porridge, carrot & chicken  soup (all recommended for upset stomachs in dogs), did improve for a bit, but need to get the vet out to her today.  She must be feeling bad, but keeps looking after her pups(they're all fine!.

9th April... Ella much better, she's now on sensitive food, probiotic & Whelpi (puppy dried milk) to sort out her gurgling intestines.  It seems to be working very well.  Puppies all good today.

10th April

Ella doing well and back to normal.  Still waiting for eyes to open. 


11th April ...Pups and Mum good, another day of feeding and sleeping.

12th April

Eyes are beginning to open, I can see tiny bits of their eyeballs. Hopefully tomorrow they will be fully open.

17th April - eyes are open difficult to tell if all have them open, as they sleep so much!

Very cute red collar girl

Turquoise boy, eyes just about open, but not widely.

Navy blue sleepy boy 

It's really difficult to get good photos, they wriggle so much or are asleep!

A wonderful card from my good, dog walking  friend Caroline Crossland - local artist, absolutely fantastic!


13th April  Puppies 2 weeks old. All feeding well & getting much quicker on their feet.

15th April - puppies getting more interesting, opened eyes and tiny barks.

16th April Happy Easter!  Pups getting increasingly vocal, especially when Mum's out of the pen.

17th April Barbets getting playful...


18th April 2017

21st April - Start of weaning!! Also wormed today.  Better than I expected, but got very messy - hopefully the pups will soon get the idea!

Arden Grange Weaning/Puppy Food is currently being fed to pups

April 25th - Getting busy for me, feeding and changing bedding.  Pups are quite good at peeing and pooing on the newspaper.  Whistle training them too, when food arrives - all helps with training when they go to their new homes.

Saturday 29th April - Puppies growing well, few are over the 2kg mark now.  Although Ella is still feeding them, I think over the next week with their teeth coming through, her days of nursing will be coming to an end.

Ella hidden under a mass of puppies!


4th May 2107 - Ella just about feeding them, 5 weeks today and most have some  very sharp teeth, so not sure how long it will last!

8th May 2017 - Playing outside

Ruby enjoying her first grass experience!

Bobbi in puppy carrier!

16th May 17

Monty - Turquoise collar boy 21/5/17


Rafferty 21/5/17


- Yellow collar girl



Leia - Purple collar girl



Rossi - green collar boy 21/5/17


Ruby - Red collar girl 21/5/17

Balach Dubh - Blue collar boy 21/5/17



Monty has left for his lovely new home.

We will miss you!

Find out more about the breed visit www.barbetclub.org.uk

26th May 2017

Ruby off today to the lovely Myatt Family - 5 mins walk away.  Very happy to have her so close.

The lovely Leia off with my great friend Kate to live just outside Bath; great we'll be able to meet up for walks!

Balach dubh off to his new home in Scotland, going with the lovely Sharron, who I'm sure will love him loads!

Mixed emotions seeing them leaving; very happy that I've added to the wonderful Barbet population and produced some gorgeous pups to pass onto some great new homes, but I will miss them all too.

27th May 2017

Bobbi & Rossi (front) with their mum on last day!

Happy to see Rossi go to a lovely couple Charlotte & Paul in Taunton.

Saturday 28th May - last pup to leave Bobbi, going to a wonderful couple in Leicester Debra & Kevin.  Rather distracted with my son breaking his leg in two places, so was late in posting this! Here she is have a last cuddle with brother Raffy!

The very handsome Da Vinci

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